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Marmalade Foundation* is a community interest company established by the Founders of Marmalade and it is delighted to announce a new initiative which will provide free driving lessons for deserving young people.

The initiative is called 'Helping Deserving Drivers' (HDD), which sums up the ambitions of the foundation trustees in a nutshell.

Starting January 2018, Marmalade Foundation will contribute £1,125 every month to the scheme, which will go a long way to teaching one person to drive safely.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Deserving drivers must be aged 17 to 25 and otherwise unable to afford driving lessons. These young people will be living with challenges, for instance as young carers, or have special physical, educational or emotional needs. It's hoped they'll be put forward either by instructors with first hand knowledge of their situation or by charitable organisations that specialise in helping young people, and will be chosen either on individual merit or because they'll benefit their community. What each young person nominated to the scheme will have in common is that becoming mobile will make a real difference to their lives!

How many places will be available each year?

This will be dependent on how much money is raised but the Foundation's goal is to be able to fund lessons for 50 young people in the first year.

I'm an ADI and want to get involved, what's the process?

If you know a young person for whom HDD will make a positive difference to their quality of life and you're prepared to go that extra mile to help, then firstly contact staff at Marmalade Network (contact details below) for an application form.

Applications will be presented to a judging panel comprised of representatives from Marmalade, a member of the ADI National Joint Council, Driving Instructor Trainers and a member of the public.

Once a young person has been chosen, £1,125 will be allocated to an instructor to help cover the overall cost of driving lessons. This will be made up of an initial payment with instalments spread evenly over the course of the lessons and close contact will be maintained throughout between the ADI, the pupil and the panel.

What about the small print?

An agreement sets out terms between Instructors and Marmalade Foundation but one important condition of taking on a pupil is that the instructor agrees to see them through to the test, with the outcome being that they pass at the highest standard possible.

How is HDD going to be funded?

Aside from money contributed by Marmalade Foundation itself, funds will also be raised from Marmalade Network, as there are occasions when instructors (for various reasons), do not want to receive commission from insurance policies their pupils take out through Provisional Marmalade Ltd. Provided an instructor is registered with Marmalade Network, and they choose to forego commission, any funds that would have been earned will go to Marmalade Foundation to boost the HDD scheme. Whenever an additional £1,125 is received from the Network another candidate place will become available.

In addition to Marmalade's funding, HDD founders have also approached several organisations to gauge interest in the venture and the response to date has been overwhelmingly positive.

What do ADIs think?

"This does masses to reinforce Marmalade as a caring and leading insurance provider in the market place. It will help immensely in getting my customers to understand that Marmalade really does care about Young Driver Safety.  It fits perfectly with the accelerate philosophy and values."
Rob Tillier, Founder/Director, Accelerate Driver Training

"I'm delighted to be a part of this great scheme. I know I am just one of many instructors around the country who has been wanting to find a way of using our skills, cars and facilities to giving something back to our local communities and help change the lives of young people who have perhaps had more than their fair share of challenges. Learning to drive is so often seen as a 'right' - something open and available to all, when in reality, learning to drive is out of reach for many due to their personal circumstances. This scheme helps to address this and will change the lives of some very deserving young people. I am excited to be involved!"
Driving Instructor Trainer Lou Walsh.

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*Marmalade Foundation, company number 08675052

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