learner driver insurance Marmalade offers a short term learner driver insurance policy that can be taken out for either 30, 60 or 90 days still learning to drive How to add a learner driver without paying through the nose! Learner drivers need to spend as much time behind the wheel as they can, as the more on road experience they have, the likelier it is they’ll become safer, more confident drivers with a greater chance of passing their test. Much of this experience will come from lessons with an approved driving instructor and the DVSA recommends at least 22 hours of private practice in addition to those formal driving lessons. Parents often believe it’s not financially viable to allow their child to practise in the family car as when adding the teenager to their existing policy the premium jumps sky high. However, there is a solution to this problem - you simply need to take out one of the specialist Learner Driver Insurance policies on the market. Learner driver insurance enables a learner to practise in a friend’s or family member’s car and they don’t need to be added to the car owner’s insurance policy as they’ll be covered completely separately. In the event of a collision the car owner’s no-claims bonus remains intact as the learner driver insurance policy is fully comprehensive. It may seem obvious but just a note that any car covered by a learner policy must also be covered by a valid insurance policy in the name of the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle. Safety is paramount when learning to drive and the law states that whoever supervises a learner must be at least 21 years old and have held a UK driving licence for a minimum of three years. Marmalade champions young drivers and since 2006 young driver safety has been at the heart of everything they’ve done. For that reason Marmalade insists that supervisors be over 25 as they’ll have that much more experience. Marmalade has three, cost-effective, easy to set up learner insurance policies available to provisional licence holders! ❍ marmalade’s short term learner driver insurance 10 wearemarmalade.co.uk