Marmalade has two annual learner insurance policy options. The first is designed to cover young people who wish to be insured in their own right on the family car. A telematics app activates and only starts recording when the young driver logs in and uses the car. The second option is for young drivers who wish to be insured on their own car. With this policy the telematics app is permanently attached and records all journeys undertaken. (see ‘Telematics Explained’ on page 8). Each policy allows young drivers to build up their own no-claims bonus and importantly premiums don’t increase once the young person passes their test! They must however let Marmalade know of their change of driving status immediately. ❍ ❍  Young drivers are insured comprehensively and can build up their own no-claims bonus ❍  This 12 month policy is available to provisional licence holders aged 17-27 ❍  There is no increase in premium once the driving test has been passed, during the current policy term ❍  The car insured must be owned by a parent, spouse or civil partner, or by a vehicle leasing company ❍  Cars to be covered must be valued between £1,500 and £25,000 ❍  Premiums can be paid monthly with no interest charges key facts: family car annual learner insurance Sometimes a car owner might be reluctant to allow a young person to drive their car, fearing the possible loss of their no-claims bonus. However, Marmalade’s insurance policy on a family car is a stand- alone policy, so the owner’s no-claims bonus remains unaffected if the young driver is involved in a crash annual learner insurance on the family car 14