Historically, if anything’s been guaranteed to take the shine off getting on the road as a new driver, it’s been the cost of taking out insurance. That first policy has never been cheap as companies base their premiums on the likelihood of the driver making a claim and it’s a fact that new drivers are more likely to have accidents than experienced ones. Nowadays however we’re able to put technology to use in the insurance industry as an effective means of reducing insurance prices, and the black box Insurance policies offered by Marmalade do just that. Now careful drivers can prove they’re not a liability. Data from the black box is also available online, so the young driver can see how well they’re driving, and constantly improve. Marmalade offer a choice of two fully comprehensive policies for young people once they have that magic pass! Novice drivers are able to build up their own no-claims bonus’s with these policies so the better the driving, the more likely it is that the renewal policy will be cheaper. To help keep the cost of insurance even more manageable, premiums can be spread over the course of a year and with no night-time curfews, Marmalade’s post-test policies really do provide a passport to freedom. got that magic pass? A new driver’s passport to freedom! fully qualified drivers insurance 16 wearemarmalade.co.uk