student insurance keep driving while studying Get temporary cover on a friend’s car without affecting their insurance Many university students aren’t able to afford to run a car on a full-time basis, and, as a result, it’s not unusual for someone to pass their driving test as a teenager, go to university, then fail to get behind the wheel again until they’re in their mid to late 20s. Up until recently sourcing insurance cover was problematic, and if a policy was found it was often prohibitively costly, leading to an interruption in a student’s driving career. Now however, students can opt for an insurance policy from Marmalade that’s been tailored specifically to them. Marmalade’s Student Driver Insurance is an affordable and easy to set up policy that allows young people in higher education aged 18 - 27 to drive a parent or friend’s car, provided it’s already insured by the owner and (of course) that the student has permission to drive it. Just like the Learner Driver and Named Young Driver Insurance schemes, Student Driver Insurance When searching online, take care not to confuse Student Driver Insurance with any standard cover polices for students. Many companies offer these insurance policies but Marmalade’s policy is altogether different. Student Driver Insurance is a temporary cover for students who wish to drive someone else’s car that already has an insurance policy covering it in the owner’s name top tip... covers the young person fully comprehensively in their own right, which means the car’s owner wouldn’t need to make a claim on their own policy, and subsequently lose their No Claims Bonus ❍ Marmalade has created a flexible, affordable scheme with it’s Student Driver Insurance policy. It’s exclusively for students and has these key features and benefits: ❍  Students in full-time higher education aged 18-27 are eligible for this policy ❍  Cover can be purchased for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days ❍  The car owner is totally protected from any liability and their No Claims Bonus remains intact in the event of a claim ❍ Student Driver Insurance Cover is fully comprehensive ❍  Cars to be covered must be valued between £2,000 and £25,000 ❍ Any car under insurance group 26 or less can be covered ❍ An automatic 10% discount is available if the policyholder has previously taken out 90 days or more of Learner Driver Insurance cover ❍ The policy covers one student in one, named car ❍  If more than one student wants to drive the same car, each person must take out their own policy key features and benefits 18