2 Bring this booklet to all of your lessons Welcome to your My Driving Journey booklet. This handy guide is designed to help you towards your test pass and it also contains lots of information we hope you will find useful on your driving journey. One of the most important things in the booklet is your Progress Sheet. This is for your instructor to use and they will mark off as each topic or skill is practised and eventually mastered. Some instructors may use a grading system on the sheet and if so, it will be explained to you. Once you’ve had some on-road experience you may also want to incorporate some private practice and you’ll find a section to help you with this, too. Good luck on your driving journey! CONTENTS 3 16 17 5 6 7 9 14 My appointment card Learner Driver Insurance Cars & Insurance deals for young drivers Private practice – hints, tips & legal stuff My progress sheet Annual insurance on your own car, pre & post test Annual insurance on the family car, pre & post test WIN A CAR!