buying brand new making it happen How a young driver can afford a brand new car buying new For a new driver, getting on the road is never cheap. Cars are expensive to buy and run, while ultra-high insurance costs can price new drivers off the road. But help is at hand because it’s possible to scoop a brand new car on finance and even have a year’s free insurance included in the price! This means a potentially huge saving for the young driver plus the car will have plenty of safety features as well as a warranty that lasts for three years. Careful use of finance can be used as a way of budgeting for a young person’s driving while most likely saving money in the process. More importantly though, the new driver will be proud to own a vehicle that’s infinitely safer than any decade-old car. Marmalade is passionate about keeping young people safe and Marmalade’s Cars for Young Drivers scheme is an affordable option for young people who otherwise may have struggled to buy a new car or who may have settled for an inferior second hand one. Key points are listed in the separate panel. Compare Cars for Young Drivers with any other way of making a car an affordable option for a young person, whether that be a new or used one, and noting that Marmalade’s scheme includes a year’s free insurance in most cases – a real plus point for young people keen to take to the road. Read Marmalade’s blog which compares the cost of running a new car vs a used car at compare ❍ ❍  New drivers aged 17-24 that hold a full or provisional licence are eligible for the scheme and the monthly payment doesn’t change on passing the test ❍  All cars are supplied through the manufacturer’s dealer network ❍  Prices start at around £180 per month for a 17 year old driver, based on £500 deposit, including free insurance* ❍  Deposits can be as low as £100 but remember, the higher the deposit the lower the monthly repayments ❍  Finance is available to those aged 18+ and applications can be made by parents or guardians. The finance agreement is able to be settled early if desired *Free insurance isn’t guaranteed. It depends on your postcode; where Marmalade aren’t able to provide this either discounted cover or a generous cashback. will be offered key facts 22