foreword 3 foreword thinking Quentin Willson is an award-winning motoring journalist, fronted Top Gear for a decade, presents the Classic Car Show and with his 1.3 million signature campaign has saved drivers £50billion in fuel duty. He is also patron of the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council. Passing your test really is one of those life-changing moments - liberty, freedom and a feeling of infinite possibilities. My first feeling of elation centered round a scruffy hearing aid beige Mini but I still remember all those important warnings from my driving instructor. Since then I’ve driven some of the fastest cars in the world without mishap (touch wood) and that’s due to that critical early tuition behind the wheel. Driving Instructors do a life-saving job and we should celebrate what they do as a real benefit to society. I came across Marmalade when looking for insurance for my son, Max, both as a learner and when he passed, itching to drive his brand new Fiesta. His shiny Ford cost a lot more than the fifty quid I paid for that Mini but I wanted the protection of a new car to keep him safer on the road. He’s been with Marmalade for over a year now and hasn’t even curbed an alloy. Marmalade genuinely cares about young driver safety, involving the whole family in this most critical period. We all drive more carefully because of the telematics box in Max’s car and the family competes to get the best scores on the ‘phone app. Max even lectures my wife and I on our bad habits! Car insurance with Marmalade can be fun – amazing, but true. Marmalade has written this magazine with you, the parent, in mind and there’s lots more stuff to read about what I believe is a ground-breaking young driver insurance initiative. Simply go to Drive safely and be careful out there