ANNUAL INSURANCE ON YOUR OWN CAR • Instant comprehensive cover for full and provisional licence holders aged 17-24 • Seamless cover from learner to full licence, with no increase in premium on passing the driving test • Black box technology helps develop safe driving habits • There are no mileage caps or night time driving curfews • The young driver can build their own No Claims Bonus with this annual policy • Premiums can be spread over the course of a year • The policy covers the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland 5 A minority of parents may be tempted to buy their child a car and insure it in their own name, adding the young person as named driver on the policy, even though they are the main driver. This practice is called “fronting” and is illegal. If they’re involved in a collision, the policyholder may lose their No Claims Bonus and the insurer is likely to only pay the third party claim. The insurer may also charge a penalty and/or cancel the policy. Afterwards, obtaining insurance and accessing finance could be very difficult. Ensuring the young driver has their own policy not only allows you to stay within the law and have peace of mind, but the young driver earns their own no claims bonus and develops safe driving habits that will stay with them for life! Need to know: Fronting Annual insurance for young drivers on their own car – before and after that magic pass! Marmalade’s New Driver insurance is a fully comprehensive policy for young drivers aged 17-24 who are the main driver of their own car. They can take it out while they’re still learning to drive, enabling them to start earning their own No Claims Bonus from day one and the price won’t go up when they pass! Getting insured on a first car can be an expensive business but nowadays black box technology allows young drivers to prove they are safer drivers. This can cut the cost of their insurance, especially if they remain claim free. Data from Marmalade’s black box is also available online, so the young driver is able to regularly review their driving, and constantly improve. Key facts Get a quote on New Driver insurance at: