about marmalade Marmalade explains why it believes young drivers deserve to be treated fairly Safer, fairer, simpler is our ethos and sticks to everything we do. From 2006 we’ve been dedicated to championing drivers and giving them a fairer deal. Young drivers are often stereotyped as reckless drivers when the majority are in fact good drivers. Their reaction times are much faster and it’s simply inexperience that puts them at a higher risk of being involved in collisions. At Marmalade we don’t think it’s fair that all young people are tarred with the same brush and believe that by working with young drivers our timeline... 2006 Young Marmalade was launched selling cars with reduced insurance premiums for young drivers 2008 Learner Driver Insurance was launched, underwritten by Chaucer Insurance and their parents, we can help make insurance more affordable and reduce their risk of crashing. This is not only re-assuring for everyone but a win for road safety and a win for your pocket! So, how are Marmalade different?... We are the only company to offer solutions for each stage of a young drivers’ journey. This starts by enabling them to practise skills learnt with their Driving Instructor by offering comprehensive cover on a parent’s or friend’s car, through to passing their test and buying and insuring their own car. One of the ways that we do this is by the use of black box technology to help young people develop their driving skills and to allow us to base the price of their policy on their ability, rather than that of young drivers in general. We have faith in young people, which is why we’re also the only UK insurance company to provide a new car with free insurance from the age of 17! That’s not the only reason we’re different, we’re a family owned business that really cares. For us, it’s not just about developing 6 wearemarmalade.co.uk