ANNUAL INSURANCE ON THE FAMILY CAR 6 Marmalade’s Named Young Driver insurance is a cost effective alternative to adding a young person to a parent’s insurance policy. It’s a fully comprehensive policy in the young person’s name, available to drivers aged 17-27 with a full or provisional licence. As a standalone policy, the car owner’s No Claims Bonus is unaffected should the young driver have an accident. The policy won’t increase in price when the driver passes their test but they must let Marmalade know. What’s more, they will earn a No Claims Bonus in their own right if they are accident free for a year. Named Young Driver insurance is a telematics policy. A small black box is fitted to the car and the young driver will need to activate the Marmalade app every time they take the car out. • This policy is only suitable for drivers that are secondary users of the car. • The car must be owned and insured by a parent, a grandparent or a guardian. • The black box must remain installed throughout the policy term and the young person must activate the app every time they drive the car. • Cars to be covered must be valued between £2,000 and £25,000 Marmalade’s smart black box uses GPS technology to measure: • Where and when the car’s being driven • The car’s speed • Whether there’s been any heavy acceleration, cornering or harsh braking • The total number of journeys and miles driven Marmalade is only interested in the young driver journeys and any journeys by the car owner are disregarded. Key benefits • Instant comprehensive cover for full and provisional licence holders • No increase in premium on passing the driving test • No night time driving restrictions or curfews • The young driver can build their own No Claims Bonus • The policy covers the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland • Choose mileage options from 3,000 and 5,000, with the option to buy more Good to know Get a quote on Named Young Driver insurance at: