Karen Acton says: “I first heard about Marmalade from a family member and when I contacted the team they were great. They helped me organise the car as a surprise for Kirsten’s 18th birthday. I had to insure the car on my own insurance for a couple of days so the team at Marmalade were brilliant and didn’t speak to my daughter, which I understand they usually have to do, before the surprise. It worked really well and Kirsten didn’t suspect a thing until the big reveal.” Karen continues: “As safety was my greatest concern regarding Kirsten’s driving I was keen for her to have the safest and best car I could afford, and I knew she would love the new Fiat 500. I want to make sure she gets the experience she needs to become confident about her driving skills, and the only way to do that is to get out there and practice.”“Another bonus was that with Marmalade’s Fuel & Go scheme, insurance is free for a year. It seemed such a good deal – too good to miss!” John Catterson says: “Car insurance for young drivers can be costly for families but if some of the worry about choosing the right company can be alleviated by reviews from customers like me and my daughter, I hope I can help. I would have really appreciated hearing from one of Marmalade’s happy customers when I was considering the company.” testimonials innovative products, people are as important to us as technology. We are unlike traditional insurance call centres, in that phone calls aren’t timed and we’d happily let one of our team speak for two hours with a customer if that meant the young person understood the product. We understand that we’re dealing with a vulnerable group of consumers who probably have no experience of insurance, so our customer service team educates, advises and supports. Telematics needs explanation too; we need to ensure that the young driver fully understands what the black box does and how it will monitor, and help them to develop their driving skills. We are one of the few insurance companies that takes the time to invest in our customers like this ❍ 2013 Marmalade launched New Driver Insurance, now called Black Box Insurance exclusively with Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurance companies 2014 An industry first with the launch of Fuel & Go(now Cars for Young Drivers), offering young drivers new cars with 12 months’ free insurance 2015 Student Driver Insurance was launched offering temporary cover for students when at home in the holidays 2016 Launch of Family Car Insurance (now Named Young Driver Insurance) as an affordable alternative to the young driver being added as a named driver to their parents’ car 7 wearemarmalade.co.uk