Before signing up to a telematics policy, check the terms and conditions as not all cover night-time driving. Watch out also for policies with premiums that vary month by month as they could give a nasty shock. Find the right one however and you may discover that the telematics option is the best way for young people to get on the road - instead of being priced off it! the small print clever insurance telematics explained Until recently, insurance companies were only able to go on aggregated statistics, meaning they’ve long struggled to treat drivers as individuals. Not any more though as modern technology allows insurers to monitor exactly how their customers drive and to see just how safe they are. Thanks to the use of telematics, (or black box technology), young drivers can now prove to their insurer they’re not a liability. A telematics policy sees a cleverly designed system requiring a tiny box of electronics to be discreetly fitted into a car to monitor how it’s driven. The box is free, hidden out of sight and, using similar technology to that of a smart phone, it can tell the insurer the car’s speed, where and when it’s being driven, how harshly the brakes are applied and how fast it’s being driven round corners. The smart software marries up all the data it receives and builds up an accurate, detailed picture of the young person’s driving, focusing on trends rather than individual misdemeanours. This allows the premium to be recalculated at renewal to reward good driving. The system logs how many miles the car is driven over the year as well as whether breaks are being taken on long journeys and because the box incorporates a tracking system, any car fitted with one can be found more easily if it’s stolen. It’s not just the insurer who’s able to keep tabs though, a telematics policy includes an ❍  When the car is driven ❍  The car’s speed ❍  Any sharp braking ❍  Any heavy acceleration ❍  Any motorway miles ❍  The total mileage ❍  The total number of journeys undertaken what marmalade’s black box records How monitoring a learner driver can reduce the cost of insurance 8 telematics